Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raining Cats.

Cats hate water. It's a fact. Isn't it?  Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell our cat this.

He chases Richard around the garden in the hope for a drink and a splash from the hose and is a regular visitor at the kids bathtime. He happily sits on the side of the bath whilst the girls are in it and lets them splash him with water. Not good for our wooden floors let me tell you!

He loves the rain too.

Yesterday it didn't just rain here, it bucketed down. The rain filled our paddling pool and washed a rubbish bin down the street. And guess who went and stood out in it? And guess who then came in and decided that because I was kneeling down on the floor doing some fabric cutting, I would make a great towel to rub against?

And guess who then lay down on the pile of scraps on the floor to dry himself off?
Look at that face. Would you dare try and move him?

And here's another thing about cats that someone forgot to tell Kipper.
That they are dignified, regal creatures.

And aren't they supposed to have great spatial awareness too?

Trust me to get the cat that doesn't conform to the norm :o)!


Anonymous said...

Oh that is just fantastic, I laughed and laughed! You'd be bored if your cat conformed to the norm :-) Joanna x

Christine said...

hehe your cat sounds as "normal" as mine! She sits on the side of the bath too! Glad we are not the only ones! Love the pictures :)

Kelly said...

omg what a hoot! As a kitten, my cat used to take showers and love getting into plastic bags. He managed to get his head stuck in a clay Trade Aid vase (I had to use a hammer to carefully break it) and almost strangled himself by entwining himself in the tassles of the throw rug (which I then had to cut off). He's not quite so mad now though

Steph said...

What a classic!! Maybe Kipper would like a bath like my cat used to. They do look rather scarey when they're wet though :)


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