Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter goodness

I've been getting ready for Easter.

A sneaky peek of something that will be going in M & E's Easter baskets.

I couldn't resist these Easter Chicks from Spotlight.

This isn't actually an Easter treat but I wanted something gingerbread like. It tastes so much better after a week. Hopefully we can wait that long!!

How cute is this ribbon? I found it in our local Ikes Emporium.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harvest Festival

We had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon at the Devonport Community House and Devonport Community Garden Harvest Festival. There was a scarecrow competition which Maddy, Eloise and I entered. The remit was to use recycled goods to make it. Everything on our scarecrow was recycled even down to the wooden frame which came from our old kitchen, down to his newspaper stuffing and tea dyed old t-shirt head. His hat came from an op shop and has been used again by my girls for halloween and his outfit is made from Richard's painting clothes. The braces were salvaged from his 80s wardrobe (tee hee).

This is Patches our scarecrow

There's a Tui in a found bird's nest on his shoulder. The white pom pom is one of our cat's already played with toys (yuck, I know and lots of irony there!); the beak is made from some of the orange stars that were originally on the witches hat and he is stuffed with wool from sweaters I've been knitting. The felt came from an op shop. Patches is held together with safety pins from new clothing labels and elastic bands from our weekend newspaper (Richard needed his painting clothes back so we had to make it all temporary!)  I painted the face and Richard made the frame of the scarecrow but the girls stuffed him and put him together with glee. They loved shredding all the newspaper and crumpling it up to put it in. He didn't look recycled enough to win but we had a wonderful time looking at all the fabulous entries and once we find him new old clothes, he will take up residence in the veggie garden.

Here are some of my favourite entries.

 This one (above) was the winner. Her face is made from magazine cut outs. Brilliant!

This one won the people's choice award. Fantastic. It would definately scare the birds!

There was a petting farm in the Creche too.

The farm animals were brought into the creche playground and essentially left to roam around the kids.

Complete bedlam ensued with goats eating all the plants, enormous sheep escaping from hay bale enclosures and rabbits making out in the pen. Hilarious.

This little piggy found a cupcake.

The winner of the giant pumpkin competition

Gorgeous crepe paper bunting. I loved the cardboard leaves creating a sillhouette on the tarpaulin.

Eloise carried lunch home.

These wondeful preserves by the croquet club ladies (quince jelly, beetroot and ginger chutney, apple and feijoa chutney) made great birthday gifts for a friend. We gave them fabric lids (in gorgeous quilting fabrics of course) and popped them in a basket with some rapidly made parmasan wafers. Yum!  

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A great last minute gift.

"This would make a great last minute gift."

I read a line like this in magazines and in books and I believe every word. So, at 8.30 this morning when I reread the invitation to a party Eloise was invited to and realised it was a joint party with the birthday girl's baby sister, I felt the urge to make a last minute gift for the little sister. Ten minutes before the party, I was still in my dressing gown finishing the project, my daughter wasn't ready, the card wasn't written and I was still finishing off  the last minute gift. Stress, stress, stress! Why oh why do I do this to myself? I just can't help it.

The little gift turned out quite well though.
(she's from a vintage copy of Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toys)

My little party girl turned out pretty well too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little bundle of scrumptiousness

Welcome to the world little Laila.

Her wonderful Mummy sent me this gorgeous photograph of the wee blossom wearing the outfit I made her.
Isn't she beautiful? Look at the size of those buttons in comparison to the wee dot. Almost makes me clucky!

Model behaviour - My Creative Space

With two sickies in the house this week, we haven't been going out much. Both girls have had tummy bugs. As they go, this one has been really tame so we've just been staying it home and taking it quietly.

I had a chance to do some baking on Sunday. These were the blueberry friands from the March issue of NZ House and Garden. They were delicious but used up incredible amounts of eggs and ground almonds so just for special occasions I think!

I did some sewing with Maddy on Monday when she was off school. She chose the biggest project in  Emma Hardy's Sewing for Children. I'll be sure to post a picture when she has finished.

I love the look of concentration on her face.

I managed to make Maddy a new outfit yesterday with the help of Eloise who sat in a corner threading scraps from my rubbish bin onto a needle threaded with wool. She then cut the rest of the scraps into tiny pieces. She had a ball and kept saying "Look Mummy, I'm knitting!" (I still can't get her to use the word sewing instead!) The huge mess was well worth it for the hour's sewing I got in and the look on her face when she had made something!

I made the top from scratch which was a bit of a nightmare and makes me realise how much practice I need to learn to sew with knit fabrics! I used New Look 6639. The top sizing is really small so I grabbed one of her tops to use a size guide and extended the body and sleeve length. The skirt is from Simplicity 4895  and has a zip in the back which again tested my sewing skills. Of course, it is too big for her so I have some unpicking to do!

We were treated this evening to a fashion show from the usually reluctant model.

I think she got quite into it, LOL!

I finally got her into the dress with the doily pockets!!

Yes she is meant to wear leggings with it but those little brown knees are pretty cute!

I think she likes this one!

The hat is one I knitted for her on Monday night. It needs a flower on it too before it is finished but she insisted on wearing it for the 'show'.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Craft ideas for kids and adults

There seem to be chocolate bunnies and Easter decorations everywhere in the shops at the moment. My youngest (the chocolate fiend) has been desperate for Easter for several weeks now so I'm really keen to make it special for her. I've been collecting ideas of kid related Easter ideas to keep my two busy during these school holidays and I thought I would share a few my favourites with you.

Betz White Cashmere Bunny tutorial
(for the older child to make)

(Apparently, as long as the shell doesn't crack, hard boiled eggs can be kept indefinately as the contents will eventually just dry up.)

And click on the links below for some very cute cards suitable for printing off and colouring in.

For something a little more grown up check out Easter Craft Idea blog party going on over at Bird Crafts.

You can add your own ideas and look at other peoples. Her blog is a great source of ideas so check out the rest of it while you are there.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Time again

I spent a lovely day at Crafternoon-Tea yesterday. As usual it was chock-full of wonderfully talented people. I struggled not to drool over my knitting whilst sitting opposite these incredible, especially made, Crafternoon-Tea cupcakes by Nicole of Sweet Surrender.

Here's a peak at some of the other handmade gorgeousness at yesterday's market.

One of Jennie's gorgeous dolls.

I love the fabric that Jess used here for her Babe in the Wood cushion.

Doesn't Sarah's stall look incredible? Love the pink!
I bought a couple of her gorgeous button bookmarks yesterday. I'm addicted to her goodies.

Not entirely sure how I managed to leave yesterday's market without this bag
in my posession!

And who could resist this gorgeous pink wolf by Luisa of Little Bird Design?
(who is also one of the organisers of Crafternoon Tea)

They'll all be at the next Devonport Craft Market (with the exception of Luisa who I think has enough on her plate!!)

I managed to get a little sewing and knitting done whilst I was there. Here's a new softy in my range which I'm trying out. What do you think of her?

The pink knitting is a little something for Miss Madeleine.

I made this chap and his girlfriend whilst I was there too. He's a litte stressed because his girlfriend keeps going out and spending all his money on handmade hair accessories.

This bunny went to a new home

and finally... just because it looks so pretty, here's one of my flower-filled fairy skirts.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Bunny Egg Cosy Pattern

OK. I've tested it a few times more and it still seems to make sense (to me anyway!) so here it is for you to use. Let me know if it doesn't make sense or if you have any suggestions on making it work better. I'd love to see pics too so let me know if you make one!

Knitted Easter Bunny Egg Cosy Pattern

Small amount of 8ply yarn in bunny colours
Set of 4x 3.25mm double pointed needles

Body. Make one:
Cast on 27stitches and divide them evenly over 3 needles.
Knit until piece measures 4cm from cast on edge.
*K2tog, K3 (Rep. from * to end) K2tog (21 stitches)
K one row.
*K2tog, K2 (Rep. from * to end) K1 (16 stitches)
K one row.
*K2tog, K1 (Rep. from * to end) K1 (11 stitches)
K one row.
*K2tog (Rep. from * to end) K1 (6 stitches)
Break off yarn and thread through remaining 6 stitches. Secure with a few stitches.
Sew in ends

Ears, make 2:
Cast on 6 stitches, leaving a long tail to secure ear to body. Divide over 3 needles. (sorry this is a bit fiddly!)
Knit until i-cord is about 4cm long.
Break off yarn and thread through the 6 stitches. Secure with a few stitches.

Making up:
Using the picture as a guide, stitch ears to 'head'. Embroider eyes and nose. Tuck an Easter egg inside and give to your favourite chocolate lover.

Alternative version:
Make the intitial section longer (eg 6cm), stuff and close off the bottom. Knit extra i-cords for arms and legs and you have a cute little bunny toy.

Have fun!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Creative Space: I Wool if you Wool...

I had to pinch this line from the most fantastic kiwiana teatowel that Heleen of Ruby in the Dust found on her op shop travels.

I've been wanting to knit more lately (cooler nights I think.). I've finally finished the kitten sweater for Miss Eloise. The long journey back from Taranaki helped with that.

She insisted on the back view too.

Look, the kitten can play peekaboo.

I feel Easter creeping up on me and made a couple of bunny cosies last night to pop little Easter eggs into for my girls. I made the pattern up (my first attempt) and will post it up here for you as soon as I have tested it a couple more times. I'm thinking a little chick version of the same cosie would be cute too but I just have to work out the beak. Any suggestions?

It's all worked on DPNS which it makes it a really quick job. Yay for quick knitting projects!

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