Saturday, April 24, 2010

Parcels from Nanna

There is a great deal of screaming and jumping around in excitement when a parcel arrives from Nanna. One arrived yesterday for each of the girls. Maddy's contained a very cute bear and a bracelet with elephants on and Eloise had this in it.

Beautiful isn't it?

This is one very pleased little girl.

I'm hoping to get a few crafty bits done today myself. I need to finish this painting.

which is for Maddy's school art auction.
And I want to do some more work on the Maddy's sweater.
I bought a pattern yesterday to make something for myself so hopefully I can cut that out.
What have you got planned for the day?


hanna said...

oh how gorgeous, we also received a parcel in the mail this week from grandma containing a knitted cardi - so lucky.

Steph said...

What a beautiful little cardie!! And your painting is going to be superb! Has just started raining here so hubby has to come in from the deck building...I might get a little crafting time now. Yay!!! Have a little bag in the works and a thank-you pressie. Hope all is well :)

Kate said...

That cardi is gorgeous and your little one is the cutest. I hope you get that pattern cut out.

Jennie said...

That is such a beautiful cardy.
And the painting is looking gorgeous too!!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh my goodness! That little cardi is stunning!Thanks for popping over to my blog, love getting visiors. Hope your having a nice weekend...


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