Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Craft ideas for kids and adults

There seem to be chocolate bunnies and Easter decorations everywhere in the shops at the moment. My youngest (the chocolate fiend) has been desperate for Easter for several weeks now so I'm really keen to make it special for her. I've been collecting ideas of kid related Easter ideas to keep my two busy during these school holidays and I thought I would share a few my favourites with you.

Betz White Cashmere Bunny tutorial
(for the older child to make)

(Apparently, as long as the shell doesn't crack, hard boiled eggs can be kept indefinately as the contents will eventually just dry up.)

And click on the links below for some very cute cards suitable for printing off and colouring in.

For something a little more grown up check out Easter Craft Idea blog party going on over at Bird Crafts.

You can add your own ideas and look at other peoples. Her blog is a great source of ideas so check out the rest of it while you are there.


Megan said...

I love the cashmere bunnies! thanks for the ideas :)

Jennie said...

Some great ideas there - thank you!

sewfunky said...

awesome ideas!! We're not really doing the "easter" thing this year, as my youngest can't eat chocolate, and has a million and one bunnies!!

Anonymous said...

ooh! how did i not know about your gorge blog? i am a kmb fanatic these days! love your easter roundup and didn't know about being able to keep boiled eggs indefinitely. will be back to see more fun stuff!

Strickbombe said...

i'm not too into easter crafts this year, seeing as we're away on holiday. but i do LOVE your blog's new look!

Cotton Kiwi said...

Thanks everyone. I can't wait to get started on some of these with my girls!

Heart Felt said...

I love the leaf print idea, I didn't know that about boiled eggs! x


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