Friday, March 5, 2010

Cath Kidston - Sew - bag sewalong

After reading Megan's post on her Simple Pleasures blog earlier in the week, I decided to have a go at making my bag kit that came with my Cath Kidston Sew book. I  lined the bag (which is suggested as an alternative version in the book) and turned the facing pieces into a pocket.

The fabric is really quite stiff and had I had the time, I would have put it all through the washing machine to soften it up before I started stitching. The stiffness of the fabric makes the button loop a tricky project. The book suggests that you sew it right sides together and turn it out. With canvas, this is nigh on impossible and I'd highly recommend doing it this way:

Turn both long edges into the middle and press.

Fold in half lengthwise again and press.

Stitch along the long edge and you have your rouleau strip without any frustrating turning.

To make the pocket out of the facing I did the following:

Put the facing pieces right sides together and stitch along the long edge.

Fold in half lengthwise and press. Cut along the fold.


Straighten the pointed end.

Stitch the pieces together so you have four strips.

Cut out a piece of lining fabric the same size and stitch right sides together with the outer pocket piece. Leave a gap of about 6cm to turn. Clip corners.

Turn right side out and top stitch.

Fold lining piece of bag in half and price to mark centre. Line up centre of pocket with the fold on the lining and pin and stitch in place around three sides, double stitching at the top edges.

Here's my finished bag with the pocket peeking out.

It's the perfect size for me to take to the Craft Market on Sunday so thanks Cath Kidston... loving my new bag!


Megan said...

it looks great! i like the pockets and the lining :) thanks for the rouleau tips- nice to know it wasn't just me that couldn't get the darn thing through! the bag is really cute isn't it. have a great day on Sunday - going to try to come up for the next one hopefully

Jo Ashcroft said...

Oh wow. I finally got round to making mine this week too. I followed the book instructions to the letter, but decided that if I made it again, I would make the rouleau the way I normally would- just like you. I had 'fun' turning mine inside out but life is too short to do another one that way!
My darling daughter is now the proud owner of my creation. It was a little too small for all the essentials I carry around!

Good luck with the market. That came around really fast! Having to miss this one but aiming for the next!

Vicky Greenwood said...

Hi, I just found your blog after nearly going MAD trying to do the loop... wish I'd found it earlier - glad it wasn't just me. Great idea for the pocket - thanks :-)

zhussein said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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