Monday, December 16, 2013

Miss Mouse

I do it every year. There are dozens of other things that I really need to do before Christmas, but I can't help myself. Quite often, it hits at around 9pm, the night before I'm due to travel to meet family. My husband now just rolls his eyes. He knows the futility of suggesting it's not the best idea. This year I'm feeling very justified in indulging my urges. It's not chocolate and it's not sex, drugs or rock n' roll. It's making last minute gifts. Pretty weird I know, but I can guarantee that there will be at least one of you reading this blog who will be nodding their head in recognition.

I made this gorgeous wee mouse from a pattern by Jodie from Ric Rac this morning and I'm totally in love. The pattern was so easy to follow and make and I know that Miss E will love her. 

This particular pattern was featured in Australian Homespun magazine in November. You can order a download a digital copy and get the pattern from there. I made the little mouse a bed in a craft suitcase. The mattress is a lightly stuffed rectangle of fabric, a smaller one for the pillow and I made the sheet/blanket by turning under and stitching around a square of fabric. I then cut out a square of minky the same size and zig zag stitched the two together around the edges.

Jodi has lots of other gorgeous animals and dolls to make in her shops and I highly recommend you read her blog. She writes stories for the toys she designs and is utterly hilarious.

Now I just have to make another of these for my other daughter. Or maybe I'll have a go at this fox instead.


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