Monday, April 19, 2010

Blissed Out Kittys

It was the last day of school holidays for us today. Maddy's school had a teacher only day today and Eloise's kindy doesn't go back until tomorrow so we took advantage of it and went to Auckland Zoo.

The animals seemed to be totally worn out after the school holiday traffic, but they were all out working on their tans, so I was able to get some great photos. The ones of the blissed-out big cats are my favourite.

Here's another much smaller, blissed out kitty. This is our cat Kipper helping Maddy with her drawing yesterday. He follows the kids everywhere.

We really are so lucky having Auckland Zoo on our doorstep. It has a fantastic array of animals and they are all so well cared for.

This is one of the tiger cubs that were born last year.

This emu was having a major bad hair day! I know how he feels sometimes!

This is one of the Asian otter brothers.

Four years ago, a female otter called Jin escaped from the zoo by digging under two walls and scaling a 1.6m fence. She swam down rivers and waterways to get to the harbour. She was spotted, a week after she escaped, in Devonport near where I live. Given it takes me half an hour to drive to the zoo that's a long way for a little otter to travel! She was eventually caught after a month of being on the loose and now lives in Wellington Zoo in an otter escape proof enclosure!

Eloise, my little rainbow girl (she loves to paint with every colour
under the sun), fell in love with this bird.

I was amazed that this photo turned out. The kiwi enclosure is pitch black as they are nocturnal.

And finally a Tuatara.

The girls had such a great time (and so did I).


Seaside Siblings said...

Looks like they had a great time. Have never been to the auckland zoo, next time I am up there I think I will have to go visit.

Megan said...

great zoo photos- I love the Emu one- I too can relate to the bad hair day situation! your comment about the animals being worn out after the school hols traffic made me smile!

Kelly said...

you got some really great shots! those emus crack me up every time - I think Elijah was quite taken by them and not scared at all (unlike me!) Yay for kindy tomorrow - Elijah can't wait

RosieP said...

What a lovely time you all had, my son loves going to the zoo too

Hugs RosieP x

Little Eve said...

A very special day! We had a trip to Melbourne Zoo over the hols and loved it. Great photos.

sewfunky said...

love the Auckland Zoo - haven't been in a while tho.


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