Saturday, May 30, 2009

When crafting goes too far

Old craft magazines are such a great source of inspiration. This one inspired me in a different way.

I've stuck it up on the noticeboard in my sewing room as a reminder to stay grounded. Frightening eh?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Have you noticed how dark, dull and grey the clothes are this winter? I know we are meant to be buying classics instead of cheap imports but come on, where is the colour? I spent hours last week looking for some nice merino tops in bright colours but ended up buying boring old grey. I planned to brighten them up with accessories but realised when I got home that I didn't really have anything that would work with them. I got the glue gun out to make myself a rose brooch and then found I couldn't stop. Even when I ran out of ribbon, I wanted to make more and looked around my sewing room for something else to use. Maddy is appalled that I used my tape measure but doesn't realise that I have a whole pile of them saved up from Christmas crackers over the years!

They may not be particularly useful anymore but they are way more beautiful!

I'll be selling these at the 7th June Devonport Craft Market . In the meantime they are working as a great marketing tool. People seem to be fascinated by them and I'm having some great conversations with complete strangers who stop me to talk about my brooch. Its taking me twice as long to do my shopping but its definately brightened up my winter!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

I am so blessed.

I have a wonderful Mum who is a fantastic Nanna to my 2 beautiful girls.

She taught me so many things but the ones I am most grateful for are the importance of kindness and patience. I have to say that I am not always very good at the latter but every time I watch her playing or cooking with my daughters, it reminds me what a wonderful thing it is. She is also responsible for instilling in me my creativity. She taught me how to sew and has been so supportive in everything I try. She is a truly amazing woman and I am very lucky to be her daughter. I am also very lucky to be granddaughter to my amazing Nan.

This remarkable woman never ceases to amaze me. Her sense of fun; her honesty; her love of life and her ability to turn any party into the best one you have ever been to. It is a testament to what a wonderful grandmother she is that my grown up school friends still call her "Nan" and ask after her. My beautiful Eloise reminds me so much of her. Her humour, her sense of style and her love of a good dessert!

Finally, I have these two amazingly beautiful and wonderful little girls. Both surprised me in bed this morning with homemade gifts (a shell strung on a pink ribbon and a decorated tissue box to keep it in); beautiful cards and plenty of hugs.

I am so blessed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

There are no new ideas

Its true. I learn so much from old magazines and craft books. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to score 5 complete binders full of 1972 Golden Hands magazines. I spent a very happy couple of hours pouring over them and taking in all the handy hints and sewing tips. Right at the back of the last binder was a double page spread all about reworking adult clothes into kids clothes with some great advice about what items work best and how to do it.

I've been spending a lot of time recently felting old wool sweaters from op shops and cutting them up to make kids clothes and toys so this was a great find. I love the kid on the bottom left in this picture. His outfit is made from an old sweater and the sleeves have been turned into little trousers with the cable going down the middle. They have then knitted new cuffs and sleeves on to the old sweater. Incredibly ugly but a great idea! I found an old brown sweater in the opshop the other day and turned it into something a little cuter.

I used the reverse side of the sweater to make him look less like a knitted bear. I'm really pleased with how he turned out. My 5 year old critic has suggested some open eyes next time so he can look around. She continues to develop her own creativity on a daily basis. Yesterday, the creativity was expressed in the form of love graffiti to her little sister over the front of their wendy house. "To Eloise. I Love You. From Maddy"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

You have to love the stuff short people come out with. Their perception on the world is truly fascinating. Their questions and endless prattle can be truly mind numbing but every so often they come out with something that blows your mind or has you rolling around laughing. I have a list of what my girls come out with in their baby books and use their funny words to entertain their grandparents but how cool is this idea from Angry Chicken?

I may have to crack open my print gocco machine that has been languishing in my craft room and print off a few of these myself.
Some of the crackers that have come out of our kids mouths:
"Why are you putting that stuff in the frog's bottom?" (Maddy aged 3 in response to seeing me stuff a chicken)
"I thought I might marry Daddy coz he's my prince and stuff" (Maddy aged nearly 4)
and Eloise asked her Daddy to stay home from work one day because "I need hold your hand, twirl your hair and do high five".

Friday, May 1, 2009


Its a stunning day today and my very thoughtful friends have taken the children off my hands for an extra few hours this afternoon. I'm making the most of it by painting the market signs and getting some photos of my plushies done.


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