Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ballet and Banana Cake

It's cold and windy and very damp outside today. Eloise and I went to her ballet lesson this morning.
My eyes were hurting with the pinkness of it all by the end of the lesson!
So cute though!

Doesn't it make you smile?

We went to the supermarket after ballet and found a whole pile of brown bananas on special. Perfect for banana muffins. I won't give you the recipe as I'm sure you already have a good banana cake recipe. If you do want it, do leave a comment and I'll happily post it.

 Whilst I was doing the baking, I remembered my Aunty Peggy's recipe book. She was the best baker and made the most amazing flapjacks. When she passed away, I asked if I could have her recipe book. I've been having a read through of her recipes today and had a good giggle at all the notes she left by the recipes.

"* GOOD But Messy"

" Jane's Recipe. Don't really understand her writing (like mine) so have to hope for the best."

There are little notes like this all the way through her recipe book. It's like she knew she was going to be passing it on to someone and every one of the little notes makes me smile. She was such a wonderful Aunty and it's so special to have this. There are many blank pages left in the book and I have started adding my own favourite recipes to it. I'll share a few of hers (as well as her comments) as I bake them. Do any of you have a family recipe book that is special to you?


Steph said...

What a cutie!! And those banana muffins look yummy :) My mum has writtn similiar notes in her cook books. They always make me smile :)

Kate said...

Ooohhh, that little pink princess is adorable! We are off tomorrow to but the whole pink ballet outfit for my number two. She is beside herself excited.

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

My daughter is finally old enough for ballet this summer. I can't wait.

And what an amazing memento from your Aunt!

Bird said...

My mum used to make banana cake when I was a kid (still am..) so every time I make it, reminds me of her and puts a great big :) on my face!


Glennie said...

I have a book like that but it's mine! From when I was little and starting writing my Mum's recipes down - so they have titles like "Uncle Pat's Biscuity Tack" and "Nana's Scones - eat straight away". I remember my Nana's scones ... the next day they were as hard as rocks! Happy baking Sarah, Glennie xx


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