Thursday, April 15, 2010

Market Day

I promised some photos from last weekend's Devonport Craft Market and here they are (better late than never!). Unfortunately a lot of the pics that I took of other stalls were over exposed (not used to all that sunshine!) but here are the best of what I have of mine.

I had quite a few vintage bits and pieces for sale last Sunday. Most of them were vintage Fisher Price toys.
It was lovely hearing all the reminiscing going on from adults who owned similar toys when they were children. I have very fond memories of my Fisher Price Village and Farm and I have kept them for my children to play with. Ah the joy of well designed toys without batteries!

{image from here}

{image from here}

Did you have any Fisher Price toys when you were a child? Which was your favourite?


RosieP said...

Market looks great, wish I could visit.

Hugs RosieP x

Seaside Siblings said...

My parents still have that same F&P village. We all loved it as kids and now all the grandkids love playing with it when they go to visit. I also have the ferris wheel here at my house. They really are great toys.


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