Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Miss E's Mermaid Party - The food

The incredible cake my Mum made for Miss E.

Oysters and Pearls.
Madeleine cakes split down the centre and piped with pink icing and a yoghurt raisin.
Inspired by these

Mason jar of lollies to give to the kids as prizes.
The octopus is a craft foam sticker that I got from the local emporium.

Starfish cupcakes.
We used a star cutter to make the starfish then gave them texture using a bobbly piece of plastic.

Jelly Fish
Blue jelly with fish shaped lollies from our local dairy (I've also seen them for sale in KMart)

Another view of Mum's incredible cake

Dolphin sandwiches and Cheerio (cocktail sausage) octopii.
The dolphin cutter came in a set of 'Lunch Punch' critter cutters
(which are brilliantly designed to cut sandwiches without waste.) You can get them from here
You can see my tutorial for octopii cheerios here.

I'll show you the games and activities tomorrow.

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