Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Alice in Wonderland Party

We had such a hot day for Maddy's Alice in Wonderland birthday party. We had 16 kids in total and I set up the tables under my market gazebo. 

 Having two girls means I can recycle a lot of our party decorations each birthday. The pink plastic plates have now seen 4 birthday partys and the glass bottles have been through two. You might remember the tissue paper flowers that you can just see on the fence from Eloise's Flower fairy party.
 The only new decorations were the white rabbit (didn't Richard do a great job painting it?) which was a paper mache one from Spotlight and the $3/metre cupcake print fabric that I used down the centre of the table. Richard's Mum brought us lots of beautiful posies of flowers from her garden and we filled jam jars and teapots with them for table decorations. I was amazed how many teapots we own. 6 is a little excessive isn't it?!
 I also indulged in these very gorgeous Alice in Wonderland printables from here. They were so beautiful and really added something special to the party.
 The cupcake cases came from Living and Giving. I ended up buying chocolate cupcakes (on special!) from Foodtown as I didn't have enough time to make them.
 The girls all had apple juice to drink and we had cucumber and ham sandwiches, cheerios (cocktail sausages), fruit skewers, cupcakes and chippies (crisps) for afternoon tea.
Maddy looked so sweet dressed as Alice. It was so hot that a lot of the kids ditched parts of their costumes as the day went on.

 The banner came from the same place as the printables above. I really loved it.
 We had lots of fun decorating the garden with Alice themed signs and heart balloons (and the odd white rabbit toy). The kids got really into it and a few of them mentioned the sign and the decorations.
 I loved the look of these paper lanterns hanging from the gazebo. 
The kids went all out with their costumes. I particularly loved the Cheshire Cat. She looked outstanding!
 We hung a big black sheet over the gate and the kids came through it to tea. We told them all it was the rabbit hole and they loved it.
 Eloise insisted on dressing up as Dinah, Alice's cat. She looked so cute (particularly when she changed into her togs half way through the party!)
 Maddy really enjoyed herself.
 The cake was super simple. I covered a board in green icing. I cut a square cake in half and piled the two halves on top of each other to make a tall, long table. I covered it with ready to roll icing and then Maddy helped me add the Alice characters and various icing flowers and hearts. We put some Sylvanian family cakes and cups on the table and then finally made bunting using the printables and two skewers. Definately the quickest cake I've ever made!
Here's a photo of Richard and I in our costumes at the end of the day. Shattered, but still smiling. Richard looked incredible! He got really into his role as the Mad Hatter. I had to tone down my chopping off of heads as a couple of the girls looked very worried when they turned up!

I'd really recommend this theme for a girls party. It was so much fun and you can do as little or as much as you want. Hopefully, Eloise wants an Alice party in a few years too!


Polka Dot Daze said...

Gosh - it all looks fabulous! What an awesome party!

Notchka said...

Wow - just wow, you are super parents! I hope you're putting you feet up today!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Everything looks amazing! I'm glad it was a great day for everyone, I love the cake!


Delightful, your girls are very lucky to have such awesome parents, you certainly outdid yourselves.
So detailed and so very pretty and girlie, I love it. Mine were all Ninja Turtles and Dragon Ballzee.....all boys stuff!
Your girls are very pretty Sarah.

Megan said...

fantastic! loved seeing all the pics, what a fab party :)

greta @ topography said...

So beautiful, I would have loved it when I was young, well done!

Caroline said...

Awesome Sarah! You really are the queen of the parties, you go to so much effort to make such special memories for your girls. Well done. (And no there is no such thing as too many teapots.)

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Adorable. I love the rabbit hole and all the costumes

Anonymous said...

you are so awesome - ever thought of being a professional girls party thrower? Just amazing Sarah, so much imagination and wonderful ideas. The girls are so very lucky with how much you out into these. Happy Birthday Maddy x


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