Wednesday, April 21, 2010


When you own a ridiculous Wee Willy Winky hat you definately need the rest of the outfit to go with it.

Eloise is such a wriggle bum in bed. The bed clothes are always off (and sometimes across the other side of the room) when I go and check on her before bed. She is also going through a nighty only stage (grr, typical when I have loads of hand me down flanellette pjs!).

I remember wearing a snuggly flanellette nighty when I was a little girl and feeling so cozy (and pretty with all the lace and gathers) so I was thrilled to find this pattern last time I went to Spotlight. I made a start on the nighty on Sunday afternoon. I had just enough of the flanellette left over to make Maddy some pj bottoms and made those quickly so Maddy could wear them to bed that night.
That was a big mistake! Eloise threw the most almighty wobbly and kept asking over and over for me to go and make her nighty immediately so that she could wear it to bed. I felt really bad (especially as I knew before I gave Maddy her new PJ pants that it was a bit unfair on Eloise not to get hers at the same time but I was just too keen to see the pyjamas on!). As soon as I had calmed Eloise down and put her to bed, I went downstairs and made the nighty. It took me a couple of hours and when I sewed the final button on, I went into Eloise's room and put it on her. Crazy I know. I would NEVER attempt that feat with Maddy who has the sleeping habits of an owl and would be up all night if you so much as nudged her.

Eloise woke up in the morning and ran to her sister's room to show off her nighty and then spent a good half an hour parading around like a princess. I think I will have to make more or I will end up washing it every other day for her to wear again that night.

I love it when I make something that my children love!
Look at that mad hair will you?! It's a good job she has a big hat to wear.


Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...


Strickbombe said...

and once again, your ability to perform under pressure amazes me. the things you do for your craft!

Jennie said...

I've been waiting all day to see your pics! (they didn't turn up earlier)
Brilliant - they look so comfy (and gorgeous!)

Cotton Kiwi said...

LOL Alexandra. I can't believe you are amazed by anyone's craft after knitting an entire ottoman!
Jennie - yes sorry about that. I decided to try uploading straight from Picasa but it obviously didn't work. I'll stick to my very convuluted but trusted method in future!!

Tracey said...

well done, the results are super cute, what a happy little girl!

Polka Dot Daze said...

It is absolutely gorgeous!
I have been hoping to find a pattern like that at the op shops, but haven't found one, so maybe I'll go and get it from Spotlight.
And what a lovely mummy you are, making another one right away!


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