Monday, May 3, 2010


What a beautiful day it was yesterday. The sun was shining and lots of smiling faces came through the market.

Here's my rather full stall.

These are heat packs. I've been using up lots of my lovely fabric scraps to
make them so they are all rather gorgeous (and there's something for the boys in there too). 

I am going to have to make some more tape measure brooches. They were very popular yesterday.

I had to giggle when one customer lifted his dog up to have at the sausage dog toys.
I'm not sure if the dog was impressed or not.

To our great excitement, a new family member arrived in the early hours of this morning so I am off to find some pink wool and a cute knitting pattern. I'll post more on that later in the week :o) 


Little Ted Canvas said...

Your stall looks great, I'm not surprised your tape measure brooch is so popular, it's a gorgeous idea! Congratulations on your new little arrival, we had a new little family member born last night too, ours is a sweet boy! Welcome to the world beautiful babies!!

nzgreenbuttons said...

Your stall looks so beautiful. I love the little teacup pincushions, I have made a few of those as gifts recently, but your look better.

Sally said...

Your stall looks wonderful. Really great. You've made so many beautiful things.

Anonymous said...

The stall looks awesome Sarah, you must be so proud!

Chicken Willow said...

Your stall looks lovely Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Steph said...

Your stall looks lovely!! So pleased everything went well :)

Jennie said...

Was a great market again on sunday!
There were a few little 'handbag' dogs around!

clare's craftroom said...

Congratulations on a great day and your stall looks fantastic !

Cat B said...

Your stall looks absolutely gorgeous - I really must make it across the water one day and check out the Devonport Markets.

Cotton Kiwi said...

Thanks everyone!
Cat, please do pop over for one of the markets... you won't regret it!
Jennie, yes lots of 'purse puppies' around. I think we will all have to start coming up with doggy accessories on our stalls!
Little Ted Canvas, welcome to your new little family member too!


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