Monday, May 24, 2010

The Cat that likes to get in the way

You may have read in the little "About Me" section in the sidebar of my blog, that I live with a cat that likes to get in the way. This isn't an exaggeration. The kids have both been home sick today so I brought in the stuff from their wendy house and let them turn the living room into their own little house. They had a dining room, a nursery, even a sewing room (and yes, I got roped into making them a cardboard sewing machine before I had even managed to have a shower).

(It says 'Eloise' on the other side because mean-Mummy refused to make two!)

So what's this got to do with the cat? Well, the next few photos should show you how Kipper reacts if you aren't involving him in the game and how the girls are so used to it, they just use him as an extra accessory.

He was lying on one of their plates so they decided he could be a plate instead.

And it didn't stop there. Maddy went to bed a little while ago to read a book. Guess who decided to be helpful again?

Look closely and you will see he is lying on her book.

He did the same to me last night, lying smack bang in the middle of my knitting pattern. He was wet too so I was really pleased! Luckily, I had just finished all I was going to do on this little bunny for the night. All she needs is clothes.

Edit: My blog layout seems to be on the blink! Fingers x it resolves soon. In the meantime, apologies for the random photo positions!)


Little Ted Canvas said...

looks like someone thinks he needs a little extra attention! LOVE that you made a sewing machine from cardboard - you're the best Mum ever! Hope your girls are better tomorrow, my big boys will be back at school..that's a definate!

Steph said...

What a wonderfully eccentric cat!! And that sewing machine is magnificent...clever Mummy!!! Hope you have a lovely week :)

Jennie said...

I love the sewing machine and the little bunny!
I've never heard of a cat being like that - amazing!x

dash robin said...

I laughed out loud looking through these...your cat is quite the character, a loveable rogue?? Your cardboard creation sewing machine is wonderful-I am impressed, I honestly thought it was a real one when I first saw it!

Glennie said...

Ditto re the sewing machine - I honestly thought it was real! You are sooooo clever. Althought they don't look alike, I believe Isabella and Kipper may be brother and sister. They certainly share the same traits!

Anonymous said...

very impressed with the sewing machine! we are always falling over our dog... K x

sewfunky said...

cat love can't be beat... :)

cute wee bunny! And your daughters' (both of them) hair is just gorgeous!!!


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