Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time for Tea?

We had friends over for afternoon tea today.

Teacup Teatowel by Cotton Kiwi. Available at the Devonport Craft Market and shortly on

Lemon and poppyseed cake 
Recipe in the June issue of Your Home and Garden Magazine

I do love afternoon tea. It gives me an excuse to bake and get lots of pretty plates out and be very girly.

It was a gorgeous sunny day which made it even better.

Can you see my reflection in the spoons?

And I get to wear my very girly apron from Fireworks Agnes (available at The Devonport Craft Market).

How was your Sunday?


Jennie said...

What a lovely cake! I must try a poppy seed one! We spent most of the day at the Auckland Museum - couldn't believe that our Miss 4 loved it, just as much as her big sister!

We stopped at Spotlight on the way home - and can you believe I only spent $12! I'm still in shock!

(PS. your milk jug is fabulous!)

Sarah said...

Ooowwww well my Sunday has only just begun! And all I can say is … what did my 3 naughty dogs eat in the garden yesterday ?!!!! Yup …. I have some sick pups and some horrid messy clean up to do … not fun :(

However, looking at that yummy cake has spurred me on; i have the rubber gloves at the ready and a double chocolate chip muffin defrosting on the counter with the kettle boiling as my reward!!!

p.s.The aprons cute ……. but I really love your shoes!

Strickbombe said...

my sunday: woke up to germany having won the eurovision, had a lovely golf lesson, found the car broken into and my handbag (and thus my life) stolen, spent an hour with the police, had my neighbours around for afternoon tea, crashed.

you did ask!

Glennie said...

Not as nice a Sunday as you! And ditto Sarah - I just love those shoes!

allie said...


ecoMILF said...

Love the apron AND shoes! You cake looks divine!! xo Meagan.

m.e (Cathie) said...

love your afternoon tea pics!! and the teatowel, gorgeous.
hope you have a happy week Sarah ♥

Stella said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! I don't think our Sunday was quite as fab as yours, but definitely lovely

Brenda said...

That cake looks too good to resist, I also think your apron goes well with those super cute shoes!

Anonymous said...

you have really captured the feel of an afternooon tea! Good luck with the craft market x

Wendy said...

What a stunning tea-towel! And your apron is simply delicious...thanks for having us all to tea. :)


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