Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I did some baking with Eloise today.

I told her she could lick the bowl. Of course, she took me literally. What was I thinking?

We just had a day of pottering and catching up on jobs. It was a lovely feeling pegging out the laundry this morning and realising that about half of my childrens' clothes were handmade. I haven't made any more additions to their wardrobe this weekend but I think I've done my fair share of hours to be allowed say that I've completed the Elsie Marley challenge. It's been great fun seeing what everyone else has been making and finding gorgeous new blogs to follow.

The one crafty thing I have done this weekend is this little bit of embroidery.

I have cheated a great deal by personalising a doily but I think it is lovely nonetheless. I really want to turn it into a lavender bag but it has to be posted to Australia and I'm not convinced it will get through customs. I think I will play it safe and make a little zippered purse. It's for my lovely Nan. She had a mini stroke on Thursday. Thankfully she is okay but it has given everyone a dreadful fright. When the paramedics asked her if she could remember her name, she thought for a long time and said "Nan". A touching moment out of a very scarey day. She is so important, not just to our family but to so many people all over the world that I am keeping my fingers doubly crossed that the mini stroke isn't a precursor to a big one. She is an incredible, fun loving, bright and gorgeous woman. This photo was taken at a family birthday party a few years ago. She was racing the 30 year olds down the driveway on a moonhopper (and still managing to look totally glam and gorgeous!

Isn't she amazing?

My beautiful daughters took themselves off yesterday and made her the most gorgeous get well cards without it being suggested. I would love to show you a photo of the cards but I can't find them at the moment (the kids have set the lounge up as some sort of nursery and there are prams and dolls everywhere!). Hopefully, we'll find them later so we can get them in the post with her little purse tomorrow.

On a completely different note, there's a very cool giveaway over on Every Spare Minute. I'd say please don't enter but I know you are going to. The fabric is too gorgeous to pass up a chance on winning.


Kate said...

Best wishes for your Nan's speedy recovery. She looks and sounds like a wonderful woman and I'm sure she'll adore your gorgeous embroidery.

Roscia said...

Hope your Nan has a speedy recovery. Your embroidery is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I hope your Nan is okay, strokes can be so nasty lets' hope that's the last one! She'll love the embroidery, beautiful, Joanna x


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