Monday, May 10, 2010

Autumn gorgeousness

How was your Mothers' Day? I hope you had a good one with lots of cuddles from the ones you love.

I was treated to extremely soggy cereal by my little ones (Maddy had poured the milk on for me to save me the trouble!) which I had to tactfully decline. Even she agreed it looked revolting! Both girls made me beautiful cards (one of which I am going to frame it is so gorgeous but more on that another time).


We went for lunch at Richard's sister's gorgeous home. The girls love it out there. They love feeding the sheep and chickens and seeing their cousins, Aunts and Uncles. Most of the family were there, including the guest of honour, Jill (my wonderful mother-in- law), who became a great grandmother this week to little Bella Sophia (that makes me a Great-Aunt but sshh....don't tell anyone because I can't be that old!)

The girls had a fantastic time with their cousins who are just so amazing with them.

We went for a walk to look at the magic toadstools and admired the wonderful colours of the autumn leaves. There was an incredible light coming through the trees and I was gutted when my camera ran out of batteries. (Lucky for you though as you would have had an even more picture heavy post!! 

Look at these beauties. Aren't they amazing?

We had some wonderful friends over for dinner to end the day. Thank goodness for slow cookers as we were able to prepare dinner before we left the house in the morning and there was no panic in the evening. I made a really lovely Moroccan lamb dish with raisins, almonds and honey. All we had to do when we got home was make the salad and the couscous. Nice and easy!

I'm playing along with Elsie Marley's kids clothes week this week which means I have to sew for an hour a day. Should be easy! Ha! I might have to bunch some of those hours together for kindy days I think. I'll be posting about the clothes I make this week so watch this space.


Megan said...

beautiful photo's sarah, i love autumn. what a wonderful mothers day :)

Tracey said...

how lovely are those toadstools! Love your photos, what a great sounding weekend xx

Glennie said...

what a beautiful place .... those red mushrooms don't look real! x

Chicken Willow said...

What a gorgeous place. Sounds like you had a great mothers day.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful property Sarah, and isn't it lovely when cousins connect?


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