Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Birthday Present for a little friend

One of Madeleine's friends turned 7 yesterday and she is having a party this afternoon. Her Mum, Stephanie,  is a great friend of mine and crafty too. She is making her daughter a sewing kit (including one of her gorgeous felt pincushions) as a birthday gift so we decided to give Olivia a kit too. A Kitty Kit.

The gift is everything she needs to make the cute kitten bag in the picture.

I cut everything out for her, ready to make. The instructions came from my favourite book at the moment Emma Hardy's Sewing for Children.

I tucked it all into a little box and stuck a picture of the bag on top.

The present was wrapped in some recycled tissue paper and I used this tutorial from MADE to make the paper napkin flower. I once made about 200 of these out of toilet paper to decorate a ballroom. How I had the patience to tease out all those tiny paper layers I don't know!

Maddy is busy making her a birthday card as I type.

I think a few of Maddy's friends will be getting gifts like this over the next few months!

Hope you have a lovely day to day.


Widge said...

Thats a really cool pressie and the wrapping is gorgeous

Strickbombe said...

Great idea and sounds much less stressful than some of the other gifts you've made in the past!

Chicken Willow said...

What a lovely idea. I can't believe you made so many flowers once!!

Brenda said...

What a perfect gift.....and your gift wrapping is gorgeous.

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

What a great gift, from packaging to present. I loved my "crafty" presents growing up that let me make things as well. What a luckly little girl.

Polka Dot Daze said...

That is the best present ever!
What a really neat idea!

Glennie said...

What a cool pressie ... you are sooooooo clever, Glennie x

Wendy said...

Brilliant, Sarah! I love this idea!


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