Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please all excuse all the pink

Day 3 of the Elsie Marley Kids Clothes Challenge and my sewing room has been a whirr of activity. My overlocker is speaking to me again (I think she just wanted to be used but I've been grumpy with her for so long I've been ignoring her and she has just got stiff and noisy and was dropping lots of stitches. Now she has had a good work out, she seems to be working again.) Okay. I'll stop talking about machines like they are people now. Obviously the fabric fumes getting to me.

Here's Eloise wearing the merino top I made for her yesterday.

Please excuse all the pink in this post. It's not just the little girl thing. It's because my overlockers is threaded with pink thread at the moment and I was trying to save time by getting all the pink stuff out of the way. I promise to show you other colours during the rest of the week!

I made her the leggings last week and the skirt is one I made for Maddy years ago
that she refused point blank to wear.

Both my girls have been home from school and kindy today. It actually worked really well as they play really well together most of the time so I was able to get a lot more sewing done than I would have done if it was just one of them. Eloise could have gone to kindy in the afternoon but Maddy was begging her to stay at home and they were playing some great games so I let her wag off kindy. (Bad Mother!)

I finished the little tunic dress and thought I'd try it on Eloise just in case it did fit. It fits perfectly so that's another thing ticked off the list for her winter wardrobe.

It twirls quite well too!

I mentioned yesterday that the bulb had gone in my sewing machine. I still haven't replaced it so there's no night sewing for now, but I made use of yesterday evening to do lots of cutting out. I made this hoodie for Maddy using Butterick 5164. It's another pattern that I have used a lot and is really quick and easy. Great if you want to start using knit fabrics and want to start somewhere simple.  It does make up really big though. Maddy is wearing the size 4 and she is a tall 6 1/2.

And because I had just enough of the pink star sweatshirting left, I made their babies hoodies too. Jasmine on the left belongs to Eloise and Caitlyn on the right is Maddys. The girls were very excited and pranced about the house for about half an hour in their matching tops. Very cute!

I got most of a reversible dress finished for Maddy but it needs hemming and buttons on it so I will save that for tomorrow. Phew. I'm off for a cup of tea and a lie down now!


Chicken Willow said...

Its all so cute....and pink! Your girls are adorable.

Jennie said...

Wow - you have been so busy! You've got loads done for the Kids Clothes Challenge!

Little Ted Canvas said...

I never tire of pink! Love the hoodie & the matching dollies...

Megan said...

that's a lot of sewing! very cute outfits and the matching hoodies are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I'm really enjoying these Kids Clothes Challenge posts! An unbelievable amount of sewing on your part - how fantastic.Great outcome, the tunic dress is gorgeous with its red front piece :-) Joanna

Seaside Siblings said...

wow you have been busy! Such lovely things

Sally said...

My goodness you have got so much done. I love all the matching tops ... your girls are so gorgeous and those dolls are cute too!

Andrea @ said...

pink pink pink! My girls would be in heaven. Great work! You've been busy!

I have a weekly Thursday blog party especially for people to share things they've made to be worn. Stop by if you'd like!


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