Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dolly Drive

I popped in to Jennie's blog earlier today and she was talking about a lovely lady called Sarah who is organising a second Dolly Donation drive to go to children in Haiti. They are in particular need of boy dolls so I decided to make a couple to send over. She mentioned that soccer is a very popular passtime amongst the boys of Haiti so I googled the Haitian National soccer team.

And here is one of my almost finished dolls.

He still needs some shorts and I'm toying (excuse the pun) with the idea of writing Haiti with a fabric marker on his front but I'm scared of wrecking him.  What do you think? Shall I risk it?

I know you want to join in with this worthy cause too so why not visit the Dolly Donations blog and get all the info? There's a free pattern on the blog that's designed to use scraps. I've used my own pattern. The deadline isn't until 1st November so you have plenty of time to make one or two and get them over to America. So if you can sew, there is no excuse


Cat said...

Jeez you are quick! Leave him as he is, he looks great :-) I am doing this too, but not at your lightening pace ! Hope Maddy is feeling better.

Jennie said...

Oh my goodness!
You must have got straight on to that today!
He is fabulous! Send a pic of him to Sarah - she will be over the moon.
Thank you for doing this!x

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Sarah, I can't wait to share your dollie with DD community! He's lovely! Oh and I wouldn’t bother with writing Haiti on him, he’s fab!

Thanks for spreading the word!

Dolly Donations: Sending Love, 1 Dolly at a Time!

Polka Dot Daze said...

Very thoughtful and very cute!
I love that he is a soccer player!

Steph said...

You are a little sewing Speedy Gonzales! He is fantastic...well done you! I have one in the making but he is most likely going to be completed closer to the deadline. Such a wonderful cause. Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! :)

Heart Felt said...

Adorable...good on you, looks fantastic and for a wonderful cause. xx


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