Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Weekend in photographs

Auckland's weather surpassed itself this weekend in its complete randomness. We went from torrential rain and a very cold spell on Friday to this beautiful day on Saturday.

Kipper found himself a sunny patch and didn't budge all day.

Today (Sunday) was freezing and miserable again but we managed a trip out to the Royal Oak Market where these gorgeous Monarch butterfly caterpillars were.

I caught up with lots of friends who were exhibiting and the girls had their faces painted so they were very happy!

We've got two very tired little girls now. Poor Maddy has a stinking cold so I'm expecting a day at home tomorrow. Fingers crossed I'll get a chance to work on some knitting or tidy up my sewing room in between providing hot lemon drinks and blankets.

How was your weekend? Hope you got some sunshine.


Cat said...

sounds like a lovely weekend - we all have miserable colds too - ick!

Stella said...

I know, crazy weather hey?! And by the sounds of it, a bit of an 'inside' week ahead...

Little Ted Canvas said...

Gorgeous pictures, sounds like the perfect weekend...except for horrid colds, I hope your Maddy is much better soon. I'm about to bunker down with 3 sick little guys again today. Fingers crossed they'll be back at it tomorrow!

Chavah Kinloch said...

It's so cold here we couldn't possibly spend the day at the beach even though I'd love to. Your photos look great, what a fun day :D

Meeks said...

I am absolutely jealous that you guys still get to go to the cold down here! brrrrrrr...(I wonder how hard it will be to read about the american summer in all our favourite blogs!)


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