Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Super Model

My Felt shop is running low on stock at the moment so I thought I had better do something about it.

I wanted to list some kids' clothes so I asked Eloise if she would mind doing some modelling for me yesterday. Ever the helpful child, she said "Sure Mum."

A few seconds passed and she said "What's modelling?"

You have know idea how much I love that my nearly 4 year old has no idea what modelling is! She was still in agreement when I told her what it was so we got set up and started snapping away.

She was absolutely amazing and let me take loads of photos.

She was even happy modelling the boys t-shirts. I was gobsmacked at that one. Normally you can't get anything boy related anywhere near my daughter.

She is firmly a girly girl. I think you will agree she did an amazing job and I didn't have to bribe her once!


Make mine Mid-Century said...

She is a super model! And look at those chubby cheeks and that button nose! She's beautiful.

Ninotchka said...

super duper and lovely work too :)

Steph said...

Those photos are so lovely! What an absolute cutie!! Those curls, those cheeks...she's gorgeous. And your clothes are lovely too. Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

Strickbombe said...

that little gallery of pictures just made my day. especially like the one of her 'pushing the buttons'. i also really like her pose in the tie t-shirt. no wait - her presentation of mr. sock monkey is too cute. oh darn it - they're all winners!

Glennie said...

She's just gorgeous - and the clothes too of course!!

teddybearswednesday said...

So cute, a natural- and I LOVE the kiwi T shirt- you know I have a real thing for kiwi birds. xo

Abby said...

She is so cute! And so natural in front of the camera. The clothes are amazing as well.


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