Monday, July 26, 2010

Flower Fairy Party

Eloise is turning 4 soon and we are planning a flower fairy party for her. I'm making the most of it as I'm very aware that my baby is growing up fast and the days of fairys are numbered! Like most families, we're doing this on a budget so I was thrilled to find so many free resources out there on the big world wide web.

We used these gorgeous fairy invites from here. Simone has a whole bunch of gorgeous free invites on her website and she also writes a fabulous blog full of party tips. I'll definately be using some of them from her fairy party.

I've printed out and photocopied several of the placemat colouring pages from the official flower fairy website. I'm planning on providing lots of glitter and glue to help the kids make their pictures more authentic.

We've made a start on the take home gift by making homemade sparkly playdough (recipe here) by adding glitter to the playdough recipe. We've packaged it up in cello bags and curling ribbon and it's looking rather gorgeous.

We'll be decorating with lots of huge paper napkin flowers which the kids will be able to take home with them. I'm trying to avoid balloons if I can because they drive me crazy with the tears and fights that ensue when someone's balloon pops at home! I'm hoping that the flowers will find a place in the bedrooms of the fairies so that they can be reminded of the day for longer than a balloon would last.

image from Made

There are lots more plans in the works but I'm doing my best to keep it simple. I get so excited by birthday parties and have to fight with myself not to overdo it. It just makes me stroppy when I can't achieve it all and lets face it, as long as the kids get something sweet and a couple of party games, they don't really care about the tiny details!

While it's still fun, I'll keep on going with my plans for the party. Eloise and Maddy are enjoying the party plans as much as I am at the moment. If you see me going overboard and getting stressed about it all, do feel free to tell me to settle down and reign back on the plans!


m.e (Cathie) said...

i hope it's a stress free party for you.
the flowers look great and you are right about the balloon fights!
my little one's bday is in about 10 days and I am planning on doing big pom poms like on martha stewart so I hope they work out well as decorations.
take a deep breath and enjoy!

Lia said...

What a fun party. I'll have to check out my those coloring pages for my little fairy lover and that playdough recipe looks fantastic.

Roscia said...

Your daughter is a very lucky girl - enjoy the party.

Jill NZ said...

What great timing, my youngest is about to turn 5 and is requesting a fairy party. Thank you for the great ideas.

If it is any help to you, I have just come across Fairy Friends Cup Cake toppers at Countdown, beautiful ready made little icing girls in pink and purple. I am going to decorate the cup cakes to look like their skirts and then each child can take one home with their goody bag.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Good attitude towards the party. You're right, they don't notice the fine details, and there's no point getting stressed about it.

I hate balloons too. They're evil.

I think Miss Eloise's party will be super.

Stella said...

Looks amazing! I think birthday parties might be one of the best 'being a mum' perks! Having said that, I haven't actually thrown one yet... But I love the idea of little details that make it extra special, and I reckon your littles will remember those details too, I certainly do!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Fab idea .... oh to be 4!! She'll have soooo much fun.

oowww you could play ... pin the wings on the fairy instead of donkey :)

Steph said...

Such gorgeous ideas Sarah! Eloise will have a magical party!! Wishing you smooth sailing with the preparations :)

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