Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Romantic gesture.

This is what counts as a gift of love in our house... *smirk*.
This was waiting for me when I walked into the kitchen this morning. I'm not entirely sure why the Mr tucked this enormous courgette that he grew into his running shoe. I think it was to demonstrate how big it was. I was of course very impressed at his manly gardening skills and am planning a suitable impressive vegetable lasagne with this as the main ingredient (the courgette, not the running shoe). Do you get strange romantic gestures from your Mr or am I alone with this one? 


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh this is so cute!! My husband moves things to see if i'll notice, but my son is the one who puts surprises in strange places for me & waits to see my reaction. He's so gorgeous!! No wonder he's already getting Valentine's cards in the mail (he's 7) & his choice of fruit in strange places is bananas. Love Posie

Glennie said...

No I don't! And thank goodness I don't !!! Nice courgette tho - do you have the NZ Gardener yellow courgette jam receipe? It tastes like lemon honey ....


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