Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday Christchurch (and many areas outside of the Central City) was hit by a devastating earthquake.

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I can't begin to imagine the sense of devastation and loss that those who live in the area (and their friends and family) have experienced since yesterday lunch time. There have been some miracle escapes and some awful tragedies.

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Whilst the amazing work to find survivors continues in Christchurch by the professionals, many of those who have survived unharmed in the vicinity are working to help those in need. Imba's wonderful parents drove to Hagley Park last night and collected a bus load of people which they found shelter for in their own home and in the homes of others. It's actions and attitude like this one which will ensure that this City and it's people recover from this awful time.

Here in Auckland, there is little we can do but wait until we are told how we can help. There are a number of places you can go to find out what  you can do at the moment. Paisley Jade has a list on her blog of ways you can help so I won't repeat them here.

Leonie from Kiwi at Heart has set up a Softies for children of Christchurch appeal

My daughter's school is having a mufti day this Friday to raise money for Christchurch. A child at her school suggested the idea and asked the principal if he could email all the other schools in the country and ask they do the same. If all schools in New Zealand hold a mufti day (and charge each child $2), then they could raise as much as $1 million for the appeal. Go that child. I believe that all the schools have now been emailed so if your kids are at school in this country, please encourage your principal to take part (even if you don't have a uniform, the kids could pay $2 to come to school in their PJs or something equally fun).

If you are in Christchurch or have family and friends there, our thoughts are with you. xx


Make mine Mid-Century said...

It's terrible. I feel for everyone in Christchurch ... and everyone in New Zealand.

Prayers for you.

PaisleyJade said...

So sad :( Thanks for spreading the news!

Kate said...

Ugh! It feels like just 5 mins ago that our kids were going out of uniform to school to raise money for the Queensland floods. This is horrific. I'm clicking over ow to see how we can help. X

Anonymous said...

so so sad - thanks for the links x


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