Thursday, January 13, 2011

Limited service resumes :o)

Happy New Year to you all! How were your Christmas and New Year celebrations? Are you back into the swing of things or still taking it slowly?

One of the Christmas cakes Mum made and decorated with her Grandchildren. This one was done by Thomas.
It's been a great and much needed break for me and I'm feeling well rested (and much healthier!). I had two wonderful weeks with my family in Brisbane. I'm so glad we went over before all this week's dreadful flooding events. To all of you affected, I wish you a safe and speedy return to normality. My parents and siblings are thankfully unaffected so far (although my brother was in the city yesterday helping to sandbag properties on the river and stopped to help one of his favourite restaurants load up their vans in an effort to keep some things from being damaged).

The scooter cake Mum made for my nephew Ollie

It's my Mum's birthday today. She and Dad were meant to be going away to celebrate but have understandably (and thankfully cancelled). Some of you will know that she is the main reason and inspiration for my creativity and as it's Thursday (Creative Space day), I thought I would dedicate my first post back to her Creative Space.

Our yummy starter at Christmas. The glass holds chilled cucumber and coconut soup which is divine.
Mum's Creative Space is mostly cooking these days as her eyesight isn't good enough to cope with detailed sewing and cross stitch anymore. All the photos in this post were taken during the 2 weeks we were with them in Brisbane. Pretty impressive isn't it?

Chocolate berry roulade
I particularly loved the extra touch to this dessert. She just dusted cocoa powder over a spoon and fork. It looks so effective. I'll definately be stealing that idea! 

So Happy Birthday Mum. Hope it's a good one despite all the floods and rain. xxx

I'll be back posting on a limited basis until the kids go back to school (and a little of my sanity returns!)

For more Creative Spaces, pop over to Kootoyoo.


Leonie said...

hope your parents are safe.
LOVE that idea of the cocoa dusted over the knife and fork - will have to steal that too :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

happy birthday to your mum, hope all is well.
great to see your smiling face on here Sarah ♥

Wendy said...

Missed your posts, Sara, but am glad you've enjoyed the break. Tell your Mum I'm hijacking her cocoa-dusting trick...gorgeous!

Jennie said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to your clever mum! Great to have you back Sarah!XX

monkeemoomoo said...

I love the look of that cake. Yummo!

I am glad to hear that your family are OK.You may be interested, I am hosting a Queensland Flood Appeal Dolly Drive. You can read more about it on my blog.

Enjoy the slow pace:)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - glad to hear you had such a nice holiday and missed all the dramatic weather! x


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