Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

 Are you feeling ready and organised or just totally stressed and over it all?

 I have to say, I'm feeling pretty stressed and pretty disorganised and I don't think I'm alone.

 The decorations are up and all the presents are bought but there's always more to do isn't there?
Do you try to do too much at this time of year? Set yourself ridiculous goals and then
beat yourself up if you don't acheive them? I'm afraid I'm pretty guilty of that.

Given that I still have this horrible throat infection, I'm making a concerted effort to try to relax and let the kids lead the way with what we do over the next couple of days. They are old enough (and not too old!) to help out with lots of the preparations so my pre-New Year resolution is to let them help and not to let myself get stressed over the small stuff that doesn't matter!

 If I don't make it back here to update the blog before Christmas, have a wonderful break and a lovely time with your family.
Sarah x


Chantal said...

You have some very lovely decorations there. Love the Santa russian dolls! I'm trying to have a relatively non crazy day before packing up the car tomorrow for a 9 hour drive interstate for a very large family Christmas. Hope you have a fab Christmas and a safe and happy new year!

Strickbombe said...

and a very merry christmas to you too! get much better soon - that's a fine new year's resolution you've got there. "Alles Gute"

Make mine Mid-Century said...

seems I haven't commented on your blog for so long.

Everything, bar the throat infection, I agree with. Your Christmas sounds like my Christmas. I'm over it, yet there's still so much to do. Cooking mainly now.

Merry Christmas to you, one of my first bloggy friends.


Jennie said...

Hi Sarah! I hope your throat is a little better, not a good time to have that!

We are still waiting for the house to go through...and getting quotes for moving etc etc. So no xmas cards were written here this year - something had to give! We are off tomorrow to the Bay of Islands, haven't been away for years!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!
Lots of love from us,

aimee @ lily pad designs nz said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are still poorly, poor you :) I hope you are not feeling so stressed out by now and ready to enjoy Christmas. YOu have a beautiful family. Happy New Year too! x

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, hear you there! I hope you're feeling better and good luck with the letting go. Merry Christmas Sarah, I hope you have had a wonderful relaxing one - thanks for all the blogging and all the sharing, looking forward to a another wonderful blog year x


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