Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Corban Estate

Corban Estate ran their annual Summer School last week. I was on the original tutor list to teach during the week but unfortunately the class got cancelled as there weren't quite enough people signed up to make it viable.

Some of the knitted graffiti that was going on during the course of the Summer school week.
I am teaching a shorter, weekend Sew Inspired course on Sat 26–Sun 27 Feb from 10am–4pm. The fee is $105 (including some materials), so I'm hopeful that the hours and fee will be more accessible for people. If you are interested, you can find out more and sign up here.

The Summer School had an open day last Thursday and as I was keen to go along to see all the classes in action. I had a piece in the Tutor exhibition as well.

Bronze casting in action
I had the chance to visit all of the classes in action. The painters and sculpturer were all looking in deep concentration so I didn't feel I could take any photos of those classes in action but the works being produced were incredible!
The chapel on the left was home to a writers course for the week
 The Estate is absolutely beautiful and definately a location to inspire creativity. If that wasn't enough, there was a fantastic Summer School cafe which had been set up for the week to feed all the hungry artists.
Look! There's my name!!!
 I had a great time having a wander around and finished my tour with a visit to the gallery. Soooo exciting. My contribution to the Tutor Exhibition was there and my name was on the wall. Not very professional of me to go so completely gaga over this but honestly, I was so excited! I think I'm allowed for my first exhibition aren't I?
How cool is this? That's my piece in the middle there. My first exhibition. So thrilled to be part of it.
I'll be posting more about next term's weekend course over the coming weeks so you can see the sort of thing I'll be teaching. In the meantime, if you are keen to sign up, then pop along to the Corban Estate website and sign up.


Strickbombe said...

the place looks idyllic. AND there's knitted graffiti!

aimee @ lily pad designs nz said...

that is such a shame it got cancelled, S. I LOVED our mini-one. I will make sure to spread the word about the shorter weekend one, maybe some of my 'working mums' would like it. x

Hannah said...

Your art looks amazing hanging up in the gallary! congratulations!
I love the graffitied tree!!
I want to knit graffit the tree outside my house, but I'm to scared!

Anonymous said...

The Exhibition looks fantastic Sarh - definatly get excited about seeing your name on a wall! It's been painted - OFFICIALLY he he. (so sorry to hear the course didn't go ahead, I was so excited for you. Good luck with the weekend one) x


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