Monday, June 28, 2010


It's cold, I'm cold and I have a cold. Stink.
I thought I was so smart taking my vitamin C religously everyday but it seems like one of those evil little viruses have got past my stoic immune system and I'm sick. I was fighting it off all weekend which meant we had a quiet one.

We had a visit from friends on Saturday. There was a very small person so we got the blocks out.

All four girls, from oldest down to youngest were totally engrossed in their game.
They built this fabulous town and drove cars through it. Even the baby joined in. Wonderful!

There was some crafting.
I got this birthday gift finished for one of Maddy's friends and I made myself a gorgeous top.
I will post a pic of my top when I don't resemble Rudolph. 
I have a to do list to finish this week as long as my arm but it's going to have to
wait while I ditch this cold. Bed and lemsip for me I think!

Hope you are keeping well.

Sarah x


nzgreenbuttons said...

get better soon! Aren't wooden blocks one of the best toys ever, they are always a hit around here.

Cat said...

chin up, hope you fight it off super quick! See you Sunday.

Megan said...

we've all got colds too, so annoying! amelie has been asking for orange lollies all day- those vitamin C tablets are yummy!
very cute top, love the cupcake :)

Jennie said...

Hope you feel better for the weekend!
Yup, those blocks are still a fav around here too!xx

Glennie said...

Thinking of you ... hope you're better for Sunday! x

Wendy said...

Feel better, Sarah! First photo is especially lovely...

Lia said...

I hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to seeing more of your serger projects.

Chicken Willow said...

Hope your feeling better by now Sarah. xx

Kate said...

Oh no, you poor thing. Hope you feel better soon.
We're on school holidays here at the moment. Its freezing cold and wet and we spent the morning making block cities and driving cars through them.


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