Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Op Shop Junkie

My name is Sarah and I am an Op Shop Junkie.

I can't help myself. If I walk past an op shop, I have to go in it.

If I go in it, I have to buy something.

I often make bad choices, justifying them by telling myself I am saving myself
money by buying second hand and that I can turn it into something really cool.

In reality, if I just saved the money I spent on buying things that I plan on turning into other things, but never have the time for, I could probably buy a new thing that I didn't have to turn into anything.

It makes me happy though. Like making stuff makes me happy.

 It's my new 'going dancing until 2am'.
What's your addiction?

p.s. I bought all this stuff today. I don't think I made any bad choices with this lot but it may take me some time to turn some of it into something else!


m.e (Cathie) said...

welcome Sarah! My name is Cathie & I too am a Op shop junkie.
I must always buy something amd yes I do that thing too of justifying that I am doing good for the environment.
and also the..."but it was only a dollar!!!" argument.
i don't think you went wrong at all with those goodies.
enjoy being in the club, I am sure there are ALOT of us out there!

Megan said...

love the new blog header sarah :) lucky you finding that lovely blanket and i love that flower fabric. i love op shops esp our salvation army store in town- its huge!

RosieP said...

I can't wait to see what you turn them into !

Hugs RosieP x

Cat said...

ahem, my hand is up in the back also :-)

Heart Felt said...

Join the club.....I re-donate a lot of stuff....it's fun....makes me happy too. xx

nzgreenbuttons said...

I too am an opshop junkie, although in recovery with a recent relapse! I decided that I do have enough clothes and fabric for many, many years of sewing and I perhaps don't need to visit as often anymore. I think you are in good company :)

Rhiannon said...

Another op shop junkie here. you scored some great stuff :) Especially loving that purple floral fabric, is that a table cloth?? gorgeous!

Wendy said...

"Hi, Sarah!" :P

What a lovely addiction. Rest assured: you're totally saving the Earth by shopping at the oppy. And if you bring your own (repurposed, handmade)shopping bag, you get extra points! (Don't you feel better now?)

sewfunky said...

Hey Sarah... I'm part of the same club - just call it OpShop Anonymous... :D

I went in to a couple of opshops and spent more than I intended! I've also gotten my kids involved in my addiction - they search out the best bargains... why buy new - I say!

Tracey said...

oh I hear you sister!

Jennie said...

That purple flower table cloth is devine!

And you know i am already a life member of OSA
(op shop annonymus!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that blanket - don't think about it, keep buying second hand with the intention of re-using... you know you love it x


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