Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kipper's got a brand new bed!

Well actually, the cat bed isn't new at all. After all my talk last Thursday of making Kipper a bed, I found one in an op shop. It was like the op shop gods had read all your helpful comments and sent it too me. Amanda suggested something old and shabby (it's second hand so that box was ticked). It's too small for him, which Megan suggested so of course he loves it. And finally Gwen suggested something soft-toy like.  I found some gorgeous teddy bear fur fabric in the same op shop and draped it over the cat bed. I don't think he has moved since.

He reminds me of a little squirrel tucked up in it's nest.
Thanks for all your lovely comments!

p.s. if you are in the Auckland, North Shore, a fabric outlet store has temporarily opened up on Barry's Point Road in Takapuna called Nick's Sale Fabrics. It's close to the supermarket. I just got 8 metres of fabric including linen, denim and sweatshirting for $36 and they gave me a whole pile of ribbing for free. They have merino for $8m too. Well worth a visit if you need some more fabric (and we all know you can never have enough fabric.)


Glennie said...

Bless. Our furry monster prefers our very expensive mohair blanklet - of course!

Chicken Willow said...

He looks so cosy and happy.

Polka Dot Daze said...

What a cute cat you have.
Bugger for not living on the shore!

Wendy said...

He looks awfully regal. And comfy. Well done!


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