Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dance 'till you drop

I'm sorry I haven't been updating my blog recently. As many of you will know, life tends to get in the way of normality and routine at this time of year and things have certainly been a bit crazy around here. The kids have had dance concerts and school concerts and we had the big Devonport Christmas Festival on 5th December which was my last market of the year thank goodness! I've been filling orders for Christmas since then and last weekend, my body decided it had had enough and I came down with a really nasty cold which knocked me out all weekend. The orders are nearly all done, but I now have a bacterial throat infection which isn't much fun at all. I'm really looking forward to the Christmas break and just spending time with my family so I hope you will forgive me if I'm not a regular blogger for a few more weeks!

My girls had their dance concert on 4th December. I know that lots of you wanted to see photos of them in their costumes so here they are.

They looked so grown up with their stage make up on!

Sorry about all the blurriness but you get the general idea!

Maddy and her hip hop class danced to a Justin Beiber song

The ballet flowers again. So cute!

In the end I made 6 of the silver tops and headbands for Maddy's hip hop class and 12 headbands and 10 fairy skirts for Eloise's ballet class. Unfortunately the headbands started 'wilting' before the show but lots of hairspray onto the acrylic felt seemed to fix them all long enough for the dance! I was helping backstage for both dances but Richard took some film so I was able to see the girls perform.

One more photo for you. This one was taken by Richard's nephew, Nick, at his Dad's birthday party a few weeks ago. Definately one for the 21st Birthday album!

How's a girl supposed to go anywhere without keys?
Photo: Nick Thorne.
Take care. Sarah x


Caroline said...

My advice is to have one of those mince tarts to kill the bacteria in your throat... Hope you get some rest soon, you've been working so hard! The picture of E on the tractor is an absolute crack up - tiara and all!

PaisleyJade said...

They are so cute!!!

Angel.Pearls said...

The costumes are so pretty!! Love the last picture. Eva


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