Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sorry to disappear like that. Very rude of me. I snuck off with the family to the beach.

My beautiful neice, Caitlyn and my wonderful parents are here for a visit from Brisbane.
It's not often we get sunshine in the school holidays so we grabbed the chance and went up to Matakana for a few days.

I didn't forget about you... honest.

And I did miss you all.

But it really was very nice to spend the time poking at stuff rock pools...

We went horse riding and air kissed gorgeous donkeys
 and we did a lot of playing on things that make you feel puffed and a little bit ill.

I couldn't even get reception on my cellphone unless we went up a big hill.
I'm back though and it's lovely to see you all. How have you been this week?


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Everyone has their eyes closed while they're air kissing each other. How cute!

Seaside Siblings said...

Beautiful photos, looks like you had a great week.

Kate said...

Looks like a wonderful time away.
I bet your family loved that you had no reception at all.
Have a great week.

RosieP said...

Looks like you have a wonderful time, don't be worrying about us, it's great to spend time with your family.

Hugs RosieP x

willywagtail said...

Looks like loads of fun was had by all and many happy memories made too. Cherrie


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