Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space - kittens and rice pudding

The smallest person in the house has been sick this week with a tummy bug.

One minute, Eloise was raiding my wardrobe and dressing up as a rock star.
and the next she was doubled over crying with a very sore and runny tummy.

Whenever the girls get sick like this, I make them rice pudding. My Nan and my Mother-in-Law both recommended it the first time they got sick and it works wonders to settle tummies (and clog them up a bit!). Plus it smells and tastes wonderful.

This is the recipe I use:

Rice Pudding
5 tablespoons short grain rice (you can use medium grain too, but don't use long grain rice)
2 tablespoons sugar
3 cups milk
a few drops of vanilla essence
1 teaspoon butter

Heat the oven to 150 degrees (140 fan forced). Pop all the ingredients into an oven proof bowl and give them a stir. Put it in the oven for 2 hours. You'll need to stir the pudding a few times during the first hour (I sent my timer to go off every 15 minutes in that first hour) and then you can leave it alone for the second hour. When it's done, the pudding will be creamy and sweet and the whole house will smell delicious.

Eloise had this three times yesterday and she went from being explosive to normal today. I'm not saying this is a perfect cure but it does help! Make extra because I promise you that the rest of the family will want some too.

I spent a lot of time cuddling Eloise on the couch yesterday and watching an a great deal of kids TV. To keep me sane (and cheer Eloise up) I knitted a kitten.

I saw a version of these kittens when I visited the Matakana market during the school holidays and Eloise fell in love with them. Eloise bought two with her money. The lady who was making them told me they were a steiner pattern and I found a great version of the pattern here yesterday.

They are so quick and simple to knit and would make a great project for a child learning to knit (and they'd be fab stocking fillers too). Maddy and Eloise have requested a litter of kittens each so now I know what to do with all those odd balls of wool lying around!

Eloise is a lot better today thank goodness so I might have a moment to catch up on some orders and send them out.

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Little Ted Canvas said...

Your little one is adorable! I hope she's much better today, thanks for that recipie I will definately try that next time! Your kitten is gorgeous, what a sweet little thing, I love the collar too..

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Poor E. She's so cute and to think that she's doubled-over in agony is awful.

Will jot down the rice pudding recipe!

Thank you.

Michelle said...

Glad your little one is better. The kitten is very cute.

Ruby in the Dust said...

aah, she's so cute dressed up in those outfits! glad she's better :)

Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

Aww no! Well cooked rice cures all though :)

The kitten's so cute!

Wendy said...

Hope your small rock star is on the gang has been down with flu for most of the week, so I can sympathize! The little kitty is being much coveted by my 5 year old. Shame her mum can't knit any better than she crochets!

Chantal said...

Hope Eloise is fully recovered now.

That knitted kitten is gorgeous!

Seaside Siblings said...

What a sweet little kitten, Hope Eloise is feeling better, poor wee poppet.

Jill said...

Cute kittens - I can imagine a whole litter of them in the house! Wouldn't my girls just love that!!

Looks like a good rice pudding recipe! Might have to try that out!

teddybearswednesday said...

Poor old Poppet. I hope she feels better very soon.
Your kitten is adorable xo

Ninotchka said...

I had no idea there was a practical reason for making rice pud, I just love it. Kitten's are gorgeous, I know a couple of wee girls who would be thrilled to find there in their Christmas stockings.

Strickbombe said...

THANK YOU for taking the time, despite illness and cooking, to knit a kitten! Yes, even I am grateful (particularly for you pointing us in the direction of the pattern).

Angel.Pearls said...

The kitten looks so cute!! Glade your girl is better.. Eva

Jennie said...

Hope Miss E is feeling alot better now. What a lovely yummy thing to make them when they are ill. We'll have to try that too! (ours had the bug a couple of weeks ago - not nice!)xx

Anonymous said...

I hope she is feeling better - some awesome mothering going on there so she'll be feeling better sooner rather than later! Rice Pudding, such great memories, your recipe sounds really nice, will definitely try it x

Rosalind said...

I'll remember the tip - thanks for that. Love the first outfit! She is rocking it!

Rosalind said...

I'll remember the tip - thanks for that. Love the first outfit! She is rocking it!

The Clip Cafe said...

Gorgeous girl - Gorgeous curls! Love the recipe - YUMMO!! Hope all is well now xx

Becky B said...

Poor Eloise, hope little Miss is feeling lots better, especially after being served the stunning rice pudding!! Wish I could knit, those kittens are truly adorable!!

ana @ i made it so said...

sweet little kitten, and i hope the pudding did the trick.

Bumpkin Bears said...

so glad I popped by today, that knitted kitty is so cute, must make one for my little niece. I do hope your little one is feeling better. Hugs, Catherine x


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