Sunday, August 8, 2010

The party

Well needless to say, I am totally and utterly exhausted after Eloise's 4th Birthday party. She had a wonderful day. Here are a couple of photos of the day.

Our little fairy.

The food table

Gorgeous cupcakes made by Eloise's Godmother, Melanie

The paper flowers (I stuck them on balloon sticks)

Dainty fairy sandwiches made by Eloise's other Godmother, Carina.
The branches have pom poms and butterflies glued onto them.

The pink lemonade (made by mixing lemon and raspberryade).
It tasted truly revolting but the kids loved it!

The fairy Queen.
We set up a throne in the corner and every child had their photo taken on it (to be turned into thank you cards later on. We borrowed the fantastic toadstools from Eloise's ballet teacher.

Our other fairy Queen, Madeleine. She was such a huge help on the day!

And finally, our two gorgeous girls playing pass the parcel.

We also played Musical statues and pin the star on the fairy wand (Maddy and I painted a fairy on a big piece of paper and the kids had to stick gold stars on the picture and try to get it on top of the wand.
We also had art activities so that everytime there was a lull (or there was a queue for the pin the star game), they could go off and amuse themselves. They made butterfly wands (I used butterfly cards from the John Sands range, cut in half to make single butterflies.) The kids decorated them with stickers, pens and glitter and then glued them onto lolly sticks. We also had the fairy colouring in pages to keep them busy if they finished their butterfly. I really couldn't have managed the party without an awful lot of help from my lovely friends and of course from Richard who spent the vast majority of the afternoon washing dishes, taking video and making coffee whilst I had all the fun directing the party games.

Eloise had a wonderful day which was of course the whole point of it. Now I have to just get used to the fact that my baby is 4 years old and this time next year she will be starting school. I am so going to miss that funny bunny when she does!


Cotton Kiwi said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments over the last week or so. I am sorry I haven't had a chance to get back to you all. Fingers crossed I'll be back in action this week!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Oh it looks and sounds like so much fun!!!


Jennie said...

It all looks amazing Sarah!
What a gorgeous party and the girls look beautiful!

My name is Becka said...

what an adorable party!

Good job!

FaerySarah said...

love it! the food and flowers look great!!

Songbird Designs said...

Looks like it was worth all of the effort! Your two fairies look beautiful. Well done! Sx

Stella said...

Talk about amazing! What an awesome party *feeling inspired*. I love all the little details - and that food table looks divine!

jillytacy said...

What a lovely party! The flowers and decorations are beautiful. Your girls must have been so happy!


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