Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Wallabies

I finally got around to restocking some appliqued t-shirts and onesies yesterday. I got two orders for appliqued baby onesies on Thursday too, which was lovely. Friday is (usually) my child free sewing day but Maddy was home from school yesterday with a cough, so she came with me to buy the onesies to applique.

This is my new favourite fabric combination for the baby elephants.

Maddy was very helpful in the shop, although we did have a little negotiation over exactly which onesies we needed. I have no idea where she gets the strong minded nature from ;o) .

This is unfortunately the last of this toadstool fabric :o(
If any of you have seen it anywhere, do let me know.

Maddy was helpful again in the car, taking all of the tags off so the onesies would be ready to do the pre-shrink wash when we get home. 

This is fabric and a design that Sarah M of Songbird Designs gave to me when she stopped making t-shirts.

We were nearly home when Maddy suddenly started asking about wallabies and when were we going to see some. It took me several minutes and lots of questioning before I clicked that she had heard me talk about the onesies and thought I had said wallabies. Very cute! Poor love was a little disappointed when I cleared that one up. I think we might have to plan a trip to Auckland zoo soon to make up for it!

Hope you are managing to keep dry on this horrible wet day. My girls are having a great game with the dolls house. I might have to go and join in in a minute!


Chicken Willow said...

I love the elephants!

Wendy said...

I'm not a skull kind of gal, but that one rocks!


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