Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to the world little man

The embroidery I did the other night is going to a very good new home. It has been transformed into a Plunket book cover for a brand new little man. Congratulations Stephanie, Johnny, Olivia and Flynn! Can't wait to meet him.

To make a book cover like mine, you can follow the following instructions. I always allow a little extra for seam allowances when making book covers as it's always good to have some extra to play with. If you are a very accurate sewer, adjust the measurements to make the seam allowances smaller. Okay, so to make your book cover:
  • Open out your book and measure the length and width of it.
  • Add a 3cm seam allowance to either end of your width measurement so if your book is 10cm wide, then your fabric needs to be 16cm wide.
  • Now add the 3cm seam allowance plus 6cm fold over allowance to each side of your length measurement. So if your long side is 15cm long, the total length would be 15cm + 3cm + 6cm + 3cm + 6cm = 33cm.

  • Cut two pieces of fabric in your measurements eg 16cm x33cm. Embroider your outside piece at least 9cm in from the right hand edge.
  • When your embroidery is finished, place the two pieces right sides together and stitch a 1.5cm seam allowance all the way around, remembering to leave a 4cm opening for turning.
  • Clip the corners and neaten the seams.
  • Turn right sides out and making sure that all the corners are sharp (use a pin or needle to tease them out if they aren't), press your cover. Fold in half to find the centre and tuck your book inside.
  • Open the book out and fold the edges in about 6cm. Pin them in place and close the book to check that it fits. If its too loose or two tight, adjust the flaps and test again. When you are happy with it, adjust your machine to a longer stitch length and stitch along the top and bottom edges, close to the edge and closing the turning opening as you go.
Voila. Nice and simple and a great gift for a Kiwi baby. You can also do this with a baby book or a photo album.

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m.e (Cathie) said...

oh that is wonderful!
i'm glad to have found your beautiful blog Sarah.


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