Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sublime stitching

I've come to the conclusion that Summer crafting needs to be mobile. I haven't quite reached the stage where I'm stitching on the beach yet (book me in for major therapy when that happens) and I've been banned from knitting in the car (too distracting I'm told) but with the kids at home for their Summer break and no chance to escape to my studio, I'm feeling the need for a little portable something to restore my craft nerves. (Really, I'm that addicted. Maybe I should book in for the therapy now).

I love to knit but my wrists just can't take it so I've decided that embroidery is the ideal 'pocket craft' for that crafting on the move. The lovely sublime stitching blog has proven to be very inspiring and confidence building. How can you argue with:
I already have a substantial stash of threads and plenty of calico to play with so time to get stuck in! (Maybe I should take the Christmas decorations down first or they will be up for at least another week).

I've been scanning the wonderful sublime stitching flickr group and I think something small and simple is the place to start.

I'll just take the decorations down first.

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