Friday, September 16, 2011

My inflatable giraffe is no longer distracting.

Do you know how to really upset a 50 something year old man who works in a hardwear store? Tell him that you need to buy some spray paint to cover an inflatable giraffe. Really. It makes them do this kind of squirmy dance while they try and work out if you are pulling their leg or possibly escaped from a mental assylum. Women working in craft stores, on the other hand, don't tend to bat an eyelid when you go in and ask them to help you match the skin colour of Dan Carter to a ball of wool. Mars and Venus. It's true.

Once the poor man had gotten over his shock and realised that I did actually really need spray paint to cover an inflatable giraffe (and once he had established that I was over 18.... hah!), he helped me find this awesome retro green colour to spray paint my giraffe (I also spray painted some other stuff but that's another post). Thanks to the lovely ladies who commented on my last post and answered the question that I hadn't asked as well as the one I had! ;o) You were totally right. I did love giraffe as he was but now he's even more awesome and much less distracting. If any of you have need to spray paint an inflatable giraffe, I used fridge spray paint and it's holding up pretty well and feels very flexible so I should be able to keep inflating him. I will be using a pump to do it though. No intention of putting my mouth near that paint!! In between my spray painting shenanigans (and the upsetting the hardware salesmen shenanigans), I've also been doing a spot of sewing.

 I found this incredibly cute retro sausage dog print in Spotlight last week and had to have it. I've made it into flat fronted board shorts. So cute! And then I found this perfect blue and orange t-shirt to go with it and added a little sausage dog to the lapel. The set will be on sale at Crafternoon Tea tomorrow. I've got some gorgeous lion fabric too so I'm hoping to get the time to make a few more pairs of board shorts between now and tomorrow. So much to do!!
 Oh and I've been making little headbands too. I absolutely love these and can't wait to see little girls wearing one of my flower filled fairy skirts or a little summer dress with one of these in their hair. I wish it would stop raining long enough so I can get some photos of the kids in the outfits. Maybe over the weekend. These will be on sale this Saturday at Crafternoon Tea too so pop along if you are free.
I'm off to play on my sewing machine for the rest of the day (well at least until I go to do the school pick up!). Yay!

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