Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Creative Space

Today, I'm working on a secret project for a friend. It's pretty tricky knitting in black and yellow as it tends to assault the senses but I'm enjoying the challenge.

Mum is helping with her own piece. I'll add a photo of hers later as she's just taken it off with her. (I've just added it at the bottom of this post.)
If you want to join in, you can do by visiting this blog.

I've also been making my sewing room pretty. I made the ironing board cover yesterday from some fabric I found in the Spotlight sale. This is the second ironing board cover I've made using Emma Hardy's Sewing in No Time book and it's really quick and easy. The birds came from Chandler Market in Brisbane. You can probably find something similar on Trade Me or Ebay.

I found this old shelf unit at the op shop last week and it's perfect for my overlocking threads which tend to get lost in amongst all my fabric and magazines on the shelves.

And here are some of the wee cuties that I've found in op shops over the years that had to come home with me. My girls play with them when they are in my sewing room. You can just see the legs of one of Jennie's dolls. I'll take a photo of her another day.

Pop over to Kootoyoo for more Creative Spaces.
Have a great Thursday!

P.S. I've just finished the Jolly Roger piece.

and here's Mum's finished piece:
It hasn't photographed very well but trust me it looks awesome.


ecoMILF said...

Love that skull knit. So cool and the yellow and black will look fierce. Can't wait to see he end result. xo m.

Jennie said...

Love your creative space! Especially the repurposed spice rack!xJ

Megan said...

I love your birds and your ironing board looks great! i am going to join in the knitting project too but as a beginner knitter it'll just have to be plain yellow for me!

Strickbombe said...

great skull! do you have a pattern for it? i had an idea for a yellow & black contribution, but then realized it would NEVER get there in time!

Cotton Kiwi said...

Thanks everyone. I'm loving the skull knit too. It came from a kids sweater pattern book (I'll try and pop a photocopy of it in for you in your parcel A if you want it?).
I'll try and get some better pics of my sewing room today.

Heart Felt said...

I love your little doll collection ~ gorgeous. x

Ruby in the Dust said...

man, you're good! I just admired that skull and crossbones on helene's facebook page. inspired!! not me, you!


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