Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feeling Green

I had a bit of a stash busting day on Friday. I have all my fabric scraps colour co-ordinated in vegetable racks and I was in a green kind of mood. I grabbed an armful (yes, my scrap bins are pretty full!) and decided to have a go with Alicia Paulson's patchwork technique. These large patches are the result.

I'm not sure what they are going to be yet. Possibly bags. Possibly a big picnic rug (I've got some more green patches to use up). Any suggestions?

I also finished this too-cute-for-words embroidery. I got the pattern from this fab blog. It's going to be a peg bag when I get around to it!

It's been divine weather over the weekend and we've been picnicking at the beach and listening to great music here.

(This is a view of Rangitoto Island from Cheltenham Beach at 6pm. The tide is right out and the girls had a great time picking up beautiful starfish and showing them off before returning them to the sea)

Finally, the girls and my wonderful resident obsessive gardener have been hard at work picking lots of scrummy veggies this morning (and making a little art with them).

1 comment:

Strickbombe said...

cushion covers? but i'm all for the rug idea. what a lovely life you appear to be having at the moment!


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