Friday, February 26, 2010

Dolly heaven

I went op shopping (thrift or charity shopping for you non-kiwis out there) on Tuesday. I got some wondeful stuff including about 3 metres of pink flesh coloured stockinette fabric perfect for making dollies. I went on a hunt last night for some online inspiration and came across these amazingly gorgeous free patterns.

These beautiful felt dolls by Mimi Kirchner over at Purl Bee

This Waldorf/Steiner typed doll from good old Martha

and of course these fabulous instructions on how to make a Waldorf doll which I will definately have to try.

Good job there's a lot of fabric to play with!

1 comment:

Jo Ashcroft said...

Thanks so much,Sarah, for posting a link to all these amazing dolls.I am itching to have a go at just about all of them!


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