Thursday, October 8, 2009

This time last year...

... I was getting all glammed up ready for a fab night out at the NZ Music Awards. This year, I have the awards on TV and I'm wearing an apron covered in little bits of snipped off thread and I'm making marmalade and dress-up capes.

I do of course look extremely glamourous in my pinny as it is a Fireworks Agnes one which I bought at last months Devonport Craft Market. It is rather beautiful and even has a little net skirt underneath it. I shall have my picture taken in it when my other half is not out gallavanting with the Hoi Polloi of New Zealand's Music Industry.
Here is my Marmalade. It needs a capital letter as it was my first attempt and I'm quite proud of it.
If you know me and like marmalade,let me know and I will share.

I feel the need to attach pretty pinked circles of fabric over the lids just to add to the whole celebration that is making my own preserves.

Of course, we are still in the depths of school holidays (although they are rapidly coming to a close and there was a demand today for new costumes from the small people in the house. Specifically they wanted to be a Snow Queen and Red Riding Hood.

" No, Mr Wolf, you can't come in."

The Snow Queen and her kitty cat

These capes are spectacularly quick and easy to make. They took me about 20 mins each (but I do have my sewing machine and scissors all out and ready to go). They'd probably take a beginner about 45 minutes tops.

To make a cape that will fit a child aged between about 3 and 7 (just make it longer and wider if you want it larger), choose your fabric and fold it in half. You need two pieces for the cape. Cut the hood out first:

Cut the longest edge (the back) on the fold.

Next, cut out the cape part which is essentially a big semi-circle:

Remember that this is on the fold so when you open it out you will have a semi-circle which will form the cape. Again, its the longest part that goes against the fold.
Now to sew it all together.

Put the hood piece right sides together and stitch along the top (be careful here as its easy to get mixed up). If you have some pinking shears and the cape is unlikely to be washed much, you can pink the raw edge at the front to finish it, but I would suggest hemming it as if your kids are like mine, they will put it on, run outside, wait until you nip inside to grab your camera, fall over and get covered in the most revolting black mud. They will then come inside with muddy feet that resemble those of a hobbit in order to show you that they have mud everywhere. Anyway.... to hem it, just turn the front edge over 1cm and fold it over again by 1cm. Pin or press it in place and stitch.

Now grab your cape, fold it in half and match up the middle of the back of the hood to the fold point. Pin the hood, right sides together, to the cape and stitch it on. You will have two long flappy bits either side. Don't worry about them. They look good when the cape is on, honestly.

Hem the edges of the cape in the same way as you did the hood, attach a couple of pieces of ribbon either side of the hood and you are done.

If you want the snow queen cape, just add a bit of maribou around the hood. You could make it in green or black for elves and witches and I'm quite sure there are lots of warriors out there that need some hooded capes. You can leave the hood off and just use the cape bit to make... um... a cape. Use my applique tutorial to add a dragon or a super hero sign. The options are endless.

Have fun. I'm off to paint my nails or something else hugely glamorous.


Bam Bam Creative said...

these look awesome!! I wish I did like marmalade as it looks fantastic! Well done you, I'm going to have a go at jam soon and I'm a little scared...

I'll have to have a go at making one of these capes for Grace this weekend =)

The Devonport Craft Market / Cotton Kiwi said...

Excellent! We will have to have a caped tea party with the girls. Let me know how the jam goes.

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

ooowww would love it if you added this and your fab sock monkey pattern to my linkie page ...

trying to get a collection of kids free patterns togther :)

hope all is well, looking fwd to seeing your creative space tomorrow!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

p.s. your girls look adorable!!!!!


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