Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spring everywhere

My girls are on their school holidays this week and we took the opportunity of a fine day to visit Cornwall Park yesterday. There are gorgeous lambs everywhere.

It was hard work keeping these two little monkeys from running at them to give them cuddles but we managed it in the end!

There were these beautiful chickens too.

And as I'm talking about Spring, have a look at this gorgeous gift Maddy made for her Gran.

All you need is a plastic plant pot, some card, felt tip pens, sellotape, scissors, buttons, glue, wooden skewers and some plastocine or some oasis (the green stuff you use for flower arranging).
Draw and cut out the flowers and people. Colour them in and stick them with sellotape on to the back of the skewers with the pointy side facing down. You can colour them green if you want to. Attach buttons to the middle of the flowers (I used my hot glue gun to do this otherwise they tend to fall off).
Stick the plasticine or oasis in the plant pot and tie a ribbon around it. Arrange your flowers and people and voila you are done. You may need to make some of the skewers a little shorter to get the right effect.
Enjoy the school holidays!

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