Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Our beautiful youngest daughter, Eloise, turned 3 today. I can't believe that those 3 years have gone so quickly. She is such a wonderful child. So easy to be around, so quick with a smile and so happy. Today was a quiet family day as her party is on Saturday but I still wanted to make it special for her. I've been working on a birthday bunting which will hopefully become part of our family's birthday tradition. Here's a sneak preview but it isn't quite finished yet. But it will be by Saturday (party day)!

I made her a chocolate cake to share with family and her Godmother who can't make it on Saturday.

Can you tell she is quite keen on Dora? Her lovely godmother Melanie bought her a sleepy time Dora which was a huge hit.

Melanie also brought some gorgeous cupcakes so Eloise got to blow out 2 lots of birthday candles today!

Yum! Chocolate!

She got a Sleeping Beauty dress from us which I didn't make.

and a dolly called Rosie which I did.

Eloise asked me to make her a dolly called Rosie to share her birthday cake. How could I resist? She is my first attempt at soft sculpture and I love the way she turned out. She has white lacy undies, lace topped party socks, Pink and yellow felt shoes and a party dress with icecreams all over it. I really did enjoy making her but I may well have palpatations when Eloise tries to feed her chocolate cake. I don't think that curly hair would survive a trip through the washing machine! I will post more pics of her and the bunting when I get the chance to take them.

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