Thursday, May 7, 2009

There are no new ideas

Its true. I learn so much from old magazines and craft books. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to score 5 complete binders full of 1972 Golden Hands magazines. I spent a very happy couple of hours pouring over them and taking in all the handy hints and sewing tips. Right at the back of the last binder was a double page spread all about reworking adult clothes into kids clothes with some great advice about what items work best and how to do it.

I've been spending a lot of time recently felting old wool sweaters from op shops and cutting them up to make kids clothes and toys so this was a great find. I love the kid on the bottom left in this picture. His outfit is made from an old sweater and the sleeves have been turned into little trousers with the cable going down the middle. They have then knitted new cuffs and sleeves on to the old sweater. Incredibly ugly but a great idea! I found an old brown sweater in the opshop the other day and turned it into something a little cuter.

I used the reverse side of the sweater to make him look less like a knitted bear. I'm really pleased with how he turned out. My 5 year old critic has suggested some open eyes next time so he can look around. She continues to develop her own creativity on a daily basis. Yesterday, the creativity was expressed in the form of love graffiti to her little sister over the front of their wendy house. "To Eloise. I Love You. From Maddy"

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