Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

You have to love the stuff short people come out with. Their perception on the world is truly fascinating. Their questions and endless prattle can be truly mind numbing but every so often they come out with something that blows your mind or has you rolling around laughing. I have a list of what my girls come out with in their baby books and use their funny words to entertain their grandparents but how cool is this idea from Angry Chicken?

I may have to crack open my print gocco machine that has been languishing in my craft room and print off a few of these myself.
Some of the crackers that have come out of our kids mouths:
"Why are you putting that stuff in the frog's bottom?" (Maddy aged 3 in response to seeing me stuff a chicken)
"I thought I might marry Daddy coz he's my prince and stuff" (Maddy aged nearly 4)
and Eloise asked her Daddy to stay home from work one day because "I need hold your hand, twirl your hair and do high five".

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