Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My clever Mum has been doing a cake decorating course over the last couple of weeks.

Inside this incredible cinderella cake are 3 different flavours of cake (chocolate, caramel and vanilla - all delicious)

Cinderella holds the tiniest bluebird in her hands and there are a couple of sparkly mice and a pumpkin at her feet. Beautiful. Sadly none of the little girls in our family are having birthday's anytime soon so we just had to eat the cake. I did manage to bring Cinderella's head and body home with me in the hope that I can reincarnate her as a mermaid for E's birthday in August. Hopefully I will be able to keep her ant free for that time!!

This fabulous cake on the other hand, does have a home to go to. My nephew is turning 6 next month and this is his birthday cake. 
He loves wildlife and is having a blue tongue lizard at his birthday party so I think this guy will fit right in!

And here's another photo of the incredible 40 chocolate rose 40th wedding anniversary cake that she made the other week.

What a clever Mummy I have!


tartankiwi said...

Wow! They're A-MA-ZING!!!

Glennie said...

They are increible. What a steady hand & amazing patience she must have!

rajnir said...


Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

wow they are fab!!!!

Wendy said...

Guess you come by it naturally, Sarah! Amazing cakes...pa

Seaside Siblings said...

Oh my, you do have a cleaver Mum! Now I see where you got your creative streak from.

Thanks for your kind words today, it means a lot x

Michelle said...

Wow, those cakes are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just crazily clever! Wow, she's amazing!


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