Friday, November 26, 2010

More Alice....

or should I say less? If you've read or watched the movie of Alice in Wonderland, you'll know that Alice drinks from a bottle marked 'drink me' and she shrinks to a size small enough to be able to go through a tiny doorway into Wonderland.
One of the beautiful illustrations from Richard's family copy of Alice in Wonderland which
we've been reading to the girls this week.
The first activity I have lined up for Maddy's Alice in Wonderland Party this weekend is making Alice pendants. We're using Shrinky Dink plastic.This is totally awesome stuff that you can buy in refill pack form from Whitcoulls if you are in NZ. It's a green packet by Klutz and contains 8 A4 size plain sheets. You draw a picture on it, colour it in with coloured pencils, stick it in the oven and it shrinks down to make any drawing look gorgeous.
The Shrinky Dink plastic ready to be cut out and coloured in at the party.
The plan is that the girls will colour in pictures of Alice on the plastic and we'll then shrink them and turn them into pendants whilst they are having their afternoon tea. I love that we are shrinking Alice. Things like that make me happy. I don't think any of the kids will get it but it's got me excited!

I'm also very excited to have discovered this afternoon that you can print onto the Shrinky Dink plastic. I was planning on drawing 16 Alice's by hand for the girls to colour in but printing means that my job has been done in a few moments. If you want to print some Shrinky Dink Alices, I found the clipart here . Just copy an image into a picture editing file like Paint and copy it several times so you can fit lots to a page.

And whilst we are talking about making things tiny, look at these BEAUTIFUL rings that my friend Sarah of Songbird Designs made for the party favours. I think the girls are going to love these. I've put them into little paper mache boxes topped with an Alice Image that I got as part of my Alice Party Printables from TomKat Studios  and there's a little note from Maddy on the bottom of the box.

Just the food to do now. Ha! I almost forgot about that! Luckily, tea parties are pretty straightforward as far as food is concerned. Cake and sandwiches and they will all be happy! I'll post photos of the party next week.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Stella said...

amazing Sarah!!! What an awesome party this will be, can't wait to see the photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful, you just put so so much into these parties. Your lovely kids will never forget them. Have a great weekend and party x

Glennie said...

Sarah, could you please throw me a party?!! Seriously what a fabulous Mum you are - those girls will remember their parties and dress ups all their lives. Can't wait to see the photos. xx

Polka Dot Daze said...

All your preparations look amazing!
I am looking forward to seeing photos of the day.


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